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There’s nothing I like better than sewing summer garments, and the Ann Normandy Bermuda Shorts were no exception.

Guest blogger, Ann Siegle gives the new Shorts Pattern a run with a fabulous print fabric and tells us all about it.

I have sewn the Ann Normandy Maxi Dress, the Ann Normandy Slip Dress and the Ann Normandy Wide Leg Trousers as well as the Ann Normandy Cold Shoulder Top, so I was very familiar with the delightfully pleasant “slow sewing” couture details of these patterns, and the shorts pattern was no exception.

Don’t let the couture detailing put you off – I’m the poster child for "sew it fast," and I loved these for a couple of great reasons:

1) It is a Bermuda short – they look good on everyone!

2) The techniques mean that you will not have to go between serger and sewing machine. Just set up your straight stitch sewing machine and iron and go for it.

The shorts construction is similar to the Ann Normandy pants in that they have a side seam godet to create the necessary space for your thighs in these shorts. Unlike the pants, there is no inner leg godet. Like the pants, they have a great looking and entirely functional front inset pocket, deep enough for my iPhone 7 - lengthen it by ½” to completely swallow the iPhone. The standard pocket leaves about ½” of phone out of the top of the pocket, so be aware of that. If your phone is sized differently, be sure to check that before you make the pocket – it’s easy to make it longer or wider by just lengthening or widening the pocket rectangle before cutting, and moving the dots on the pants accordingly.

I sewed this in a printed cotton/hemp blend that I bought from Seams Fabric in East Lansing, MI. Seams a boutique pop-up and now-retail fabric shop and has a number of unique fabrics, including hand-dyed fabrics. I love a printed short – it looks great with a graphic tee shirt or a simple summer blouse with a blazer.

Ann’s version of the Ann Normandy Design Bermuda Shorts.

Ann’s version of the Ann Normandy Design Bermuda Shorts.

The fit: I cut out an L (large) this time, looking at the measurements on the pattern instructions. This is different than the last time I cut the pants – where I used a medium. I wanted to be sure that I had enough ease in them given the fabric I was using. In retrospect, I did not need to do this. The material didn’t shrink that much more the second time I washed them after construction. But it was a toss up on the size versus fabric shrink. At our house, if it can’t be tumbled dry, even accidentally, it’s probably not a good fit for our laundry style! As such, a number of my cotton/linen/hemp garments have gotten shorter/skinnier over the years!

I should have added ½” (in length) to the center back seam and taken ½” (in length) out of the CF seam – this is an alteration I needed on the pants as well. This is unique to my body shape (I have a booty!) not the pattern. Worth noting that the pants and shorts are the same block, so if you want to make both pants and shorts, they are the same fit at the waist and hips so one alteration one is the same on the other. Fit one and make as many as you want of both after that.

Because you’ll be sewing these seams flat felled, please do pin these on yourself with the required ¾” seam allowances (for the flat felling) before you start sewing, or you’ll be unpicking a whole lot of seams if you need to adjust sizing. I ended up taking two additional darts in the back, and could probably have also taken in the CB seam too. I fit as I sew, meaning, periodically, I try them on. The last significant alteration was the crotch seam sewing, and it’s the last time to make any fit adjustments, so take your time to try them on.

Because they are shorts, they are a fast sew – but still have exceptional details like a narrow waistband, leg godet, welt pocket, and wonderfully-instructed side seam zipper.

A note about slow sewing – I am a fast sewist. If I sit down at a project with fussy details, I’m not at all happy. But there is something about these shorts and the slow(er) sewing of flat felled seams that is so satisfying. These are shorts for the long haul, for years of wear. Sustainable sewing, or making things that you will wear for a long time, is high on my mind these days. I have a house full of stuff and a closet full of clothing. If it’s not suitable for years of wear, I shouldn’t sew it.

The great fitting Bermuda Shorts sewing pattern, by Ann Normandy Design. Sewn by Ann Siegle.

The great fitting Bermuda Shorts sewing pattern, by Ann Normandy Design. Sewn by Ann Siegle.

These shorts were a dream to sew and will be a staple in my summer wardrobe. I work from home, and I love to have the windows of my 2nd floor home office open to the (warm) sun and breeze. Yet, they’re polished enough, that, with a blazer and ballet flats, could go to a summer meeting with polish. But they’re also perfect to wear out with flat, strappy sandals and a cute tee shirt for more casual occasions.

The Ann Normandy Bermuda shorts sewing pattern is one of those great patterns with longevity and years of wear – classic enough to wear years from now, but still sleek enough to be modern. If you’re investing your time in sewing, make great garments that stand the test of time.

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Happy Sewing!

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