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The Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern - Your Summer Sewing Essential!

Sew yourself a Maxi Dress. The so chic Maxi Dress sewing pattern is flattering, full-length, with a semi-fitted bodice. 

A maxi dress is an understated chic dress for a casual cocktail or dinner party. It has the cool vibe of a formal gown but none of the pretentiousness. For this maxi dress sewing pattern, structured details like the squared-off neckline and armholes really add a touch of couture to an otherwise casual garment. You can dress it up for evening with some strappy metallic-finish sandals and some dramatic jewelry - and that's all you need to make an entrance to remember.

Consider wearing a maxi dress as a bathing suit cover-up. Walking from your car to the beach or from hotel room down to pool deck is more comfortable when you don't feel like you're revealing everything on the walk there. Plus, slip it on over your swim suit and you're ready to slide up to the pool bar or beach restaurant in style. 

It is a great dress for traveling, as it can go dressy or casual with just a quick change of footwear and accessories. Pairing the dress with a flat, strappy sandal for walking, or a dressy evening sandal for dinner and drinks. Pack it rolled up, and It comes out of your suitcase beautifully, just give it a couple of shakes and hang it up. 

Designed with details that elevate your garment from ordinary to extraordinary:

Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern

•    Distinct 90 degrees angled armhole and square neckline with a flattering V
•    Flat Felled Seams
•    Binding with mitered corners for a crisp finished edge. 
•    Side seam pockets are sewn discreetly to the front of the dress.
•    Side vents for wearability and create fabric movement. 

Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern

Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern

Pair it with linen, the quintessential fabric for warm weather and perfect for the Maxi Dress sewing pattern. The heavier weight linen will help stabilize the structure of the garment, drapes beautifully around the body. Linen breathes, wicks away perspiration and dries faster than cotton and synthetic fibers. 

Although linen is often perceived as a challenging fabric due to its tendency to wrinkle, heavyweight linen drapes beautifully, and it practically smooths out its own wrinkles due to the weight of it. Pre-washing linen in hot water 2-3 times before cutting your maxi dress sewing pattern not only will take care of shrinkage but will remove any manufacturer stabilizers and bring back the natural hand and drape of the fabric. 

I will be posting more tips for preparing your fabric for cutting and sewing in a future blog.

Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern

Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern

The Maxi Dress is such a favorite warm weather garment that it’s now considered a wardrobe essential for Spring and Summer. The reason the maxi dress has had fashion staying power is how great you feel in it matched only to how great you look in it! With that casual-cool chic look, the maxi dress remains the IT garment for warm weather. If you’re looking for the perfect dress to sew for summer, this is the one!